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We offer 24/7 support with no extra surcharge:-

Your business might stop but we don't. After hours can be the best time to manage your servers and computers. We are able to do maintenance to all of your systems without any down time which would cost you more time and money.

Our service and solutions are personalised for each of our clients. We make sure that you are given the best experience with our personal business solutions. We will always give the personal touch and go the extra mile to keep you happy.


Computer & Server Equipment:-

With our range of suppliers we will find you the right product at the right price for all of your personal and business needs. We are able to access competitive prices on all computer related equipment including Computers, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Phone Systems, Networking Infrastructure and much more.



Do you want your email to be accessed from anywhere?

We offer personalised solutions to meet all of your email needs. With our options, some of the things we can give you is access to your email online, from your iphone, ipad, home computer and work computer. The best thing is all emails will be the same on all devices. You normally wouldn't be able see your sent items from all of your devices but now you can. Give us a call and find out how you can do this for your business.


Disaster Recovery Plan:-

1,2,3 gone. This is how fast your data could be gone.


In business, IT backups are the first thing everyone should have. Once you have the backups then the next thing is restorability. If you cannot restore your backup then what is the point in having one?

When doing a backup, you need to know that your data is safe and secure. Our monitored systems make sure that all of your backups will work when you need them most.


Phone Systems:-

Are you wanting more from your phone system? Frontier Computing is now implementing 3CX phone systems. 3CX can be installed on a windows computer and link in with IP Based Phones. We can setup IP Phones, Remote Office's, Iphone App Integration and many more features.

To find out more give Nathan a call on 0402 497 457 or email him on